Testing Outward Hound Standley Sport Life Jacket for Dogs & Cats
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Human and I are planning to do more some outdoor activities this upcoming Spring and Summer. Well actually, Human is … >>

Week in Pictures: A HUGE sparkling tree and rightful domain
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Human promised me a long time ago that she would move my website from a subdomain of her own website … >>

Sintra the Cat 3rd birthday: Enjoying the most favorite part of my birthday
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A few weeks prior to my birthday on August 28th, Human kept asking me about what I would love to … >>

How to help reduce your cat anxiety using ThunderShirt
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I was abandoned when I was a kitten. Obviously, it did not kill me but it did impact some of … >>

How to prepare your cat for neutering or spaying
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Okay, this is a way long-overdue blog post but Human said that we should post it anyway because neutering or … >>

My random freaky faces to freak the Humans out
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I am my Human’s boy. I look cute. I am cute. Human says so. Always. But. But. But there are … >>

Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should!
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At first Human thought that tracking me using some kind of GPS or bluetooth pet tracker was a tiny bit … >>

Healthy vegetables and fruits that your cat can safely eat
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I LOVE food. I LOVE eating. I could eat whole day long if I were allowed to. (Un)fortunately, Human is … >>

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Train with Sintra

Cat Toilet Training: How to use the Amber Training Disc without cat litter
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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] This update is long overdue because obviously it has been months and months … >>

Sixth Week of Toilet training: How to do my business without Human’s help
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[WARNING this blog post contains poop] Another week has passed since my last update on my toilet training. This week’s … >>

Fifth Week of Toilet Training: How to reposition yourself over the hole
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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] The purpose of the fifth week of my toilet training was to aim … >>

Fourth Week of Toilet Training: How to get used to the big hole
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One week has passed since my last toilet training’s update. I have been using the Amber Training Disc of the Litter … >>

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